Kinect…am I missing out?

This weekend, I learned something new…from eight 9 & 10 year olds. At swimming lessons this weekend, the first thing someone said to me was about their new Kinect game. Not knowing what it was, I asked what that was. The jaws on eight young faces dropped in shocked horror. They could not believe that I wasn’t into the current phase. Everyone in my class either own a Kinect or were planning on getting one in the near future.  Am I that disconnected from new technology that I wouldn’t be familiar with this gaming system? Or can I make an assumption that this is more popular with children and young teenagers?

I was determined to know more about this console, so I watched videos, and read some reviews about it. Then I found out that it has only been released since November, 2010. That makes me somewhat relieved that I haven’t been blind to a popular phase in young people. During my Internship this Fall, I had never heard any of my High School students mention the Kinect, even though their conversations often led them to talking about other various video games. This makes me suspect that it is geared to younger students than High School levels. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

During my research, I found an amusing parody about the Kinect….Check it out:


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