Study Boost

Study Boost

I found the advertisement for “Study Booth” while reading a blog about cell phones in the classroom. If you have 2 minutes, watch the demo video on the website and tell me what you think about this study tool. Myself, I don’t see a lot of benefits to it since I think it would be less work and just as convenient to have notes on paper instead of typing all of the questions onto a computer and setting times for the questions to send to your cell phone. However, if students don’t see it like I do, at least they’re studying!


Comments on: "Study Boost" (2)

  1. I guess there are some pros and cons…If studying from a cell phone motivates students to study, then their work might get done faster. However, I think that texting and phone applications will distract students from the information that they need to know for a test. Also, Study Boost seems pretty complicated (for me at least!) and I think more time will be spent trying to figure out how to use it.

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