I find technophobia to be an interesting topic. I didn’t know that this was the correct term for describing people who avoid using technology for various reasons. I’m positive that all of us have encountered at least one “teacher technophobic” in school either as a teacher or as a student. As for me, I saw countless teachers when I was in elementary and high school who avoided technology completely. Even our Information Processing teacher taught us the old traditional skills with computers. For example, most of our classes were spent practicing typing. I think that the main reason that some teachers avoid technology like it’s the plague is because they don’t have enough knowledge or understanding to use it comfortably.

I found this article by David Wetzel: how-to-avoid-technophobia-in-the-classroom-a114967 which offers solutions that could help these types of teachers. This article focuses on the idea that teachers need to ask for help and not to expect that they will learn everything all at once. This is lifelong process since there is so much to learn, and there are new programs and strategies that are introduced constantly. Teachers are always saying that “there are no dumb questions”, so teachers need to demonstrate this by seeking help from co-workers or even students. Wetzel commented on how much students like to be teachers themselves and demonstrate their own knowledge. I think that this is a powerful tool to make connections with students. Also, this is telling the students that teachers aren’t perfect either and are learning at the same time as the students.  I find it inspiring when I see teachers of an older generation who are so excited to learn basic things about technology that they just learned. I hope that I can play a part in sharing what I’ve been learning through this class to my future co-workers as well as others in my life who scare away from technology.


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  1. I’ve only been teaching for 5 years but I’ve definitely seen this (usually with older teachers, but sometimes with younger teachers too!). This makes it REALLY difficult when staff members send a ton of emails to each other to keep each other informed about day-to-day events and important issues. Interesting post!

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