Teaching in towns

As the pressure of the end of my University career draws to a close, I’m putting more thought into the near future ie. Fall 2011.  With so many options for areas to teach, one of the major debates that I’ve had is whether to teach in a a city or a town. Since everyone has the chance to teach in the city at some point during their Ed degree, we all have somewhat of an idea of what to expect in teaching in a city. I want to present some pros and cons for teaching in a town:


  • Fewer students in each grade
  • Better opportunity to know background of the students (family, home situation, extra-curricular activities)
  • People are usually very welcoming to new people
  • Cliques aren’t always apparent
  • Most students grow up together from k-12
  • Invitations to family meals 🙂


  • Could be put into a position where you have to teach subjects that you are not trained to teach
  • Staffing doesn’t always allow to have ideal prep periods
  • People know you wherever you are
  • Not as many course options for students
  • More commitment needed for extra curricular activities
  • Multi-grade classrooms
  • Nightlife is slower

I think that when it comes down to it, each person will have their own opinion on whether they feel like they could survive teaching in a town vs the city. I however feel that everyone should try it at some point. During my internship, I had the opportunity to live and teach in a town where I knew no one before moving there. I found it to be such a rewarding experience where I focused my attention solely on my teaching instead of having so many distractions in the city. I did miss some aspects of the city, but I’m very glad that I was able to experience teaching both in the city and in a town.

If you have more to add, don’t be shy!


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