What will we do?

Now that our ECMP 355 class is officially over, I’m wondering how we are going to stay on top of the technology world.  In the last four months, Alec introduced us to many ways to incorporate technology into our classrooms. He showed us several sites and tools in every class that broadened our horizons. From this, we were able to experiment with them and decided which ones we liked the best. But come Tuesday, we won’t be getting this great opportunity at the tip of our fingers anymore.  Now I’m left wondering, where can we get the updates and advice on the latest technology?

I know that for myself, Twitter will be one of the most likely places that I will go for updates for the time being.  Through the social networking that I did for my Final Project, I am now following many educators that share links to interesting and relevant sites about technology in the classroom.  For those of you who are seeking more Tweeters to follow, we have a link to a list of Educators that we can choose to follow.  I highly recommend having Tech-minded Educators on your Twitter as they post interesting tweets that are often helpful. They can also be used to guide us if we tweet any questions or are looking for participation in a project.

Another suggestion that I have to keep updated, is through Blogs.  I found a good link on WordPress titled “Technology in the Classroom”.  On here, you will find blog posts from several people that are related to technology in the classroom.  One of the regular bloggers on this list, “Eduhowto” has a really great blog with posts that are more or less all connected to technology. He provides a lot of insightful information and opinion on tools that he has used in his own classroom. As well, all of his blogs have links to other articles or sites that are additional aid to the topic of his post. I highly recommend anyone in the classroom to take a look at his blog.

I’m hoping that others have advice to share on what are some options to stay updated with current practices of using technology in the classroom.


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