Wordle in the classroom

I decided to create a Wordle with random words that I’ve used in my blog posts.  I am proud to say that almost every word that they chose to put into my wordle is somehow connected to teaching and learning.  In the process of finding the home page for Wordle, I found a slide show presentation called: “51 Interesting Ways to use World in the Classroom“, which was on the website “Ideas to Inspire“. Ideas to Inspire gives ideas for several different programs on how to incorporate them into classrooms. Out of the 51 ideas for using Wordle, these are the ones that I like the best:

1) Guess the fairytale – then use to highlight key words so students can write own tales.

2) All About Me- write the key words that would introduce them

3) Make the syllabus look interesting- Copy and paste the entire syllabus into Wordle, print out as A3 (or larger) and use as part of a display.

4) Have each student write expectations he has of the classroom. Combine all lists in Wordle to create a Classroom Norms poster or team t-shirts.

5) Use Wordle to compare/contrast themes in literature.  For example, Romeo & Juliet vs. West Side Story.  Copy and paste entire work into Wordle and get results.

6) Create a Custom Image Header for Your Blog – Use your class blog url to create a Wordle and use the resulting image as the custom image header for your blog.  Change the header periodically to reflect your blog’s changing themes and content.

7) Make a Unique Gift – If students are preparing for a holiday like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. They could Wordle wedding vows, family stories, favorite love songs of their parents or grandparents, or just the names of the people in their families to create a very personal, but creative and artistic gift that’s suitable for framing.

8 ) Spelling with Wordle – Create and post your weekly spelling list using Wordle.

9) Give pupils a self-esteem boost & improve relationships – Write each child’s name on a separate sheet of paper. Circulate each sheet around the class so each pupil writes at least 1 nice/+ve attribute about every other pupil. They can repeat words others have used. Collect the sheets, type each pupil’s list of attributes (editing where necessary!) with their name x10 & Wordle the result.

10) iTunes Playlist – It is possible to create a Wordle out of the artists in my iTunes playlist.  The steps are outlined at http://www.theteacherlist.ca/2011/03/extra-a-fun-use-of-wordle/


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