Philosophy of Teaching


Every student has the right to an education with the help of respectful and passionate teachers.  High School students need to build up a foundation that will help them develop into life-long learners. When students leave the school, they should feel that their education made a difference in their development, and that they feel adequately prepared to move on with their lives.

I hope to create a non-threatening environment in my classroom where every student feels that they are individuals.  There should be a connection and relationship between the teacher and students in order to know them better. This will be essential to not only meet their needs as learners, but also as people.

Lessons adapted to each student are the key to have successful students.  Effort needs to be demonstrated to build around the multiple intelligences of the students. Hands-on learning will be appropriate to help students realize that they are doing worthwhile activities in their classes.

More specifically, I want to model to my students my passion for the French language.  Partaking in the development of French as an additional language to my students is a privilege that deserves attention and care. Students that come into my French classes will be expected to challenge themselves to meet an appropriate level of fluency in the language.


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